Blue Heron Support Services Association

Believe &
Monday to Friday: 8:30 to 5:00

Tel: 780 674 4944

What We Do

Blue Heron Support Services Association provides a wide variety of supports to Individuals in our community such as:

  • Children, adults and seniors with developmental disabilities

  • Adults living with an acquired brain injury

  • Adults under 65 years of age who are living in Continuing Care facilities

  • Families impacted by FASD

  • Families requiring respite support

Our Vision

All people are fully included in society with the necessary support.

Our Purpose

Blue Heron Support Services Association offers outstanding support to people with disabilities in developing personal strengths and the right to develop self determination in all areas of life as members of the community.

Our Motto

Believe and Achieve

Our Philosophy

Blue Heron Support Services believes that all people have the rights and responsibilities of equal citizenship including the opportunity to pursue and enhance a quality life.  We believe that a quality life may differ according to Individual perception, but for most will include recognition of the following shared values and needs:

1. The basic need of every person to be seen and treated as a whole human being in all its
2. The equal right of every person to share in the provision of necessities of life such as food, shelter
and clothing.
3. The need of every person for good health care, security, stability and privacy and the value placed
on personal belongings.
4. The right of every person to self-determination and the need for mutual interdependent support in
the pursuit of life choices.
5. The need for love and respect in personal relationships and an equal right to develop these.
6. The need to have esteem for self and others and to be esteemed by others within the community.
7. The equal right of every person to live by his own beliefs and values, as long as these do not
infringe on another’s rights, values, or well-being.
8. The equal right of access for every person to community resources and the responsibility of careful
use of these.

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