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Blue Heron Support Services Association

Monday to Friday: 8:30 to 5:00
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Tel (780) 674-4944

What We Do

Blue Heron Support Services Association provides a wide variety of supports to Individuals in our community such as:

Children, adults and seniors with developmental disabilities

Adults living with an acquired brain injury

Adults under 65 years of age who are living in Continuing Care facilities

Families impacted by FASD

Families requiring respite support

Home of Barrhead Community Adult Learning Program

Recycling and Reusing via our Barrhead Thrift Store 

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All people are fully included in society with the necessary support


Blue Heron Support Services Association offers outstanding support to people with disabilities in developing personal strengths and the right to develop determination in all areas of life as members of the community


Blue Heron Support Services Association believes that all people have the rights and responsibilities of equal citizenship including the right to pursue and enhance a quality life

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