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Blue Heron Support Services Association

Monday to Friday: 8:30 to 5:00
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Tel (780) 674-4944

Tel: 780 674 4944

Services we provide:

Exploration and Transition Support:

Exploration support facilitates informed decision making for people who are unsure or unaware of the options of choices available to them. It can be provided to help make decisions about educational pursuits, career options, residential options or any other possibilities. The purpose is to explore as many options, as possible in order to make informed decisions.

Transition support guides people in different life transitions. For example from high school to adult life; from living in a parental home to their own home; from employment to retirement; etc. This support enables a person to make informed decisions for their future.


Community Living Support (overnight and non-overnight)

Blue Heron offers home living support to people in their own home on an overnight and a non-overnight basis in a variety of ways. Some options available are:

Living Independently For Everyone (LIFE) is a service that provides non-overnight community living supports to people with disabilities that will enable them to live as independently as they choose and assist in developing life and social skills to enhance integrated community involvement. This program is flexible and based on the type or amount of support the Individual is requesting.

Community living supports (overnight) are for people who want to live independently and require more support to do so. The support is based on the Individual’s needs and wishes and provides opportunity to participate in and increase independence in all aspects of home and community life.


Community Living Options

Supported homes can be considered part-time or full-time support options. It is a service that is contracted and monitored through Blue Heron. This is available to people looking for support in a family setting.

Other personalized services that do not fall within traditional service areas are included under Community Living Options.


Community Employment Support

Blue Heron offers assistance to persons with disabilities to find and maintain employment, and to employers to find the right person for the job through the Employment Services program or on an individual basis. Employment support may include employment preparation or employment placement supports such as:

One on one support for employment preparation (ex. Resume building)

Referral of Individuals to potential Employers.

Assistance in the job placement of Individuals.

Job analysis including the matching of Individual skills to job needs.

On-the-job training to the standards of the employer.

Assistance in developing job descriptions, evaluation formats and supervisory methods.

On site job support as required and negotiated.

Information on financial incentives, government grants and subsidy programs.


Community Access Supports

Blue Heron Support Services provides supports that assist people in developing the skills required to fill their time with self-directed and valued activities within the community. This may include further education, recreation/leisure activities, skill development, or volunteering activities. These supports aim to enhance community awareness, connections and inclusion. They can be provided to Individuals experiencing barriers in gaining employment or those looking to enhance their quality of life. Blue Heron also provides community access supports to people living in continuing care facilities through the Community Access for People in Continuing Care (CAPCC) program.


Respite Supports

Blue Heron Support Services provides support and services to families in a variety of ways. Supports can be available to families and their minor or adult children. Examples of family support provided include but are not limited to:

Out of home respite support

In home respite support

After school support


Acquired Brain Injury Supports

Blue Heron Support Services provides the coordination of supports to survivors of acquired brain injury and their families/caregivers. Services include support, coordination building community capacity and prevention activities. Blue Heron Support Services also provides funding to agencies within the Northeast and Northwest regions to provide Supports for Community Living services to individuals with acquired brain injuries that are able to live independently and require no overnight paid supports.



If Blue Heron Support Services' current support options do not meet the needs of an Individual, Blue Heron can make referrals to other service providers to meet their needs. Neither Blue Heron nor any of its employees may give or receive any compensation for a referral.


Community Service: Businesses

The New to You Store provides a valuable service to the community as a second-hand clothing store. It is staffed by volunteers and can also provide a location for volunteer training in business and customer service.  Individual Contracts: At any point in time, the Association may contract with other funders (i.e. Town of Barrhead, etc.) to provide a community service. (E.g. Street Cleaning)


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