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Blue Heron Support Services Association

Monday to Friday: 8:30 to 5:00
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Tel (780) 674-4944


Community Access for People in Continuing Care

The Community Access for People in Continuing Care (CAPCC) Program enables individuals under the age of 65, who reside in continuing care facilities and are socially or culturally isolated, to access their communities. Our CAPCC Program uses a flexible, participant-directed approach to service planning. Individuals entering this program are encouraged to think creatively about how CAPCC can support them to be more active in their community and enjoy a better quality of life. When creating a service plan, CAPCC Support Workers will work with the supported individual, their support network, and the long term care facility that they reside in to clarify roles and responsibilities and ensure that the service plan takes into account any regulations that the care facility may have.



Activities can range from attending local festivals to participating in cooking classes. Wherever possible, the goal is to get the supported individual to engage in activities outside of their care facility. In circumstances where that is not possible, the service plan can focus on bringing the community to the individual. This can be accomplished through providing computer and internet access, having support staff come to the facility to help an individual complete a craft or play board games, or even arranging for family/friends to visit the individual if the cost of doing so is a financial hardship for them.   

For more information on program eligibility and details, please contact:

Kristi Kassian


Phone: 780-674-4944  ext. 239

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