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Blue Heron Support Services Association

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Burgers, Fries and a whole lot of fun!

Submitted by Tara Tiggelaar

Every year, BHSSA runs the concession during the local fair days in August. The Barrhead Ag Society puts on a fantastic event, complete with a Smash up Derby, Rodeo, Dance, Beer Gardens and other interesting and exciting events for the family! And by interesting and exciting, I mean Mini Donuts…..yummmmmmmmm.

As you can tell, I’m a big fan of the food at these types of events! As such, our concession committee was determined to serve up the most delicious fair grub at our concession.

Having run this concession for the 4th consecutive year, we were pretty confident that we had learned what works, what doesn’t and what people like. And the result was more fries, more fries and more fries! We ran out of fries three times and still ended up running out in the end. We had countless community members telling us that we had the best poutine they had ever eaten and that the burgers were so juicy.

And just across the parking lot were the sweetest members of our team, running the candy concession! With big smiles and fast feet they could not serve up the cotton candy fast enough! The best part of a candy concession in the eyes of a kid is getting your free candy when you bring back a pop can! I still have memories of that from when I was young and I hope it’s a tradition that never dies!

We truly could not pull off this feat each year without all of the volunteers who come out to work a shift or two during the three-day event! We have such a dedicated group of staff and clients who gave up a part of their weekend to help out; not to mention the family members and friends who donated their time. It is a crazy weekend, and sometimes there’s barely a moment to catch your breath, but it is always a GOOD time and completely worth every minute!

We are thankful for all of the community members and visitors who stopped by our concession to try our tasty eats, who waited in long lines and who gave us encouragement when they saw us run off of our feet. We appreciate you!

Oh, and about those mini donuts…..

We don’t serve those, but we have an arrangement with the mini-donut man who parks right next to our concession each year;)

Until next year,

BHSSA fundraising committee


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