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52 Ideas for a blog – or how to make your blog happen….

Now there comes a time in every website’s life when someone says – let’s start a blog!  What a great idea a blog would be, it would really help get our name out there in the community, imagine all the information we could share, the people we could reach and the positive vibes we could receive.  All sounds great.  Then someone actually has to be the blogger – and therein lies the rub.  Like anything else blogging takes time, especially if you want a successful result from your efforts.  To this end we decided that we had a foolproof way to get started – lets come up with one year’s worth of blog topics, that’s right 52 (and actually once we got started a couple of extras for good measure) then we can just pick one from the proverbial blogging hat and get going.  So here I am – blog number one – short and sweet, but I did it – first choice from the hat (maybe it was a little purposefully picked) all done and dusted…. 

Let’s see what next week brings…….


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